Yoga Heals Your Back: 10-Minute Routines that End Back and Neck Pain

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Simple, quick yoga routines that stop back, shoulder, and neck pain for good! Back pain is the number one reason people stay home from work, and the best way to help chronic back pain is with exercise. Yoga, with its gentle stretching and breathing, is one of the most effective ways to combat back pain, along with reducing stress and improving overall fitness.

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    The gentle stretching and strengthening of yoga will relieve your back pain quickly and easily!

    Our backs work hard and are often abused by sitting too long in chairs and cars, and by lifting weight that we aren't prepared to support, such as children and groceries. Many of us have turned to abdominal exercises to help our backs. However, those of us who rely on crunches and other exercises alone are doing our backs a disservice, because as the abdominals become stronger and tighter, our back become relatively weaker and overstretched. The end result is a rounded, slumped posture with a weak and vulnerable lower back.

    To keep our backs healthy, we need to strengthen our entire bodies in a gentle way. Fortunately, the simple poses and stretches in yoga help ease back pain and strain. This collection of 10-minute routines will stretch and soothe your neck, shoulders and back. It includes breathing exercises, meditations, as well as relaxing postures that will take out the kinks and unknot even the most stubborn aches and pains.

    Routines include:

    • Morning Stretch to wake up the body slowly and safely
    • Align the Spine to get the kinks out
    • Moving Forward to stretch the back
    • Unwind to loosen neck muscles


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