Headline It! Comfort & Sweat Elimination Liner

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The?award winning, patented,?Headline It! No Sweat?Comfort liners?are theNUMBER ONE?Wig/Hat Accessory??made from high tech wick wear, similar to Under Armour material. The liners are notched to fit inside any wig, hat, scarf, helmet, or headwear item. They wick the sweat away from the head, pulling sweat into the liner, while evaporating continuously. This process allows the head to remain?COOLER in the summer and WARMER in the winter.

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    Features & Benefits:

    • •High tech wicking materials captures perspiration and KEEPS YOU DRY!
    • •HYGIENIC, DISPOSABLE liner reduces odor causing bacteria.
    • •Protects wigs and headwear from dirt, oil, and sweat stains.
    • •STOP sweat from fogging up goggles, respirators and sunglasses
    • •SURGEONS use to increase the sterile field and STOP SWEAT.
    • •ULTRA THIN, BREATHABLE material allows air to ventilate.
    • •SAVES MONEY: Extends the life of your wigs and headwear.
    • •SAVES TIME: Less frequent washing of wigs, hats and liners.
    • •COOLING-Evaporates sweat on a continual basis leaving the head cooler in the summer.
    • •WARMING- Evaporate sweat on a continual basis leaving the head warmer in the winter.
    • •NON-SLIP MATERIAL under logo, STOPS scarves from riding up on your forehead.
    • •Makes a scarf look more like a headwear item, rather than clinging tightly to the head.
    • •Protects baseball caps and hats from salt and oil stains.
    • •Protects wigs and hats from makeup stains.
    • •AVERAGE USE is 10-14 days, before disposing of and replacing with one or two liners.
    • •Each box contains ten (10) individually wrapped liners ( about a three month supply.)
    • •TAN BACKING looks like your scalp and HIDES LINER UNDER WIGS, scarves and hats.


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